Launchpad Development: A New Era Of Gaming

Launchpad Development: A New Era Of Gaming

The term ‘Launchpad Development’ typically refers to a strategic approach of building a foundation or toolkit to create and launch new products, applications, or games, within the software or gaming industry.

This approach rather focuses on the unique elements than creating the basics. Foundational tools, engines, or frameworks are crafted in the initial process of launchpad development in the gaming industry.

These tools often come with ready-made features, resources, and systems which allows the developers to focus on the important elements instead of working on the already-existing things.

Let us thoroughly explore the ins and outs of Launchpad Development in Gaming industry in the following article.

Aspects of Launchpad development in gaming

There are various factors that contribute to Launchpad development for efficient game creation. Some of the factors are:

Game engines: The game engines are the foundational platforms that offer the developers ready-made physics, rendering, and scripting capabilities. The technical complexities are simplified by these engines and allows the developers to focus on the core activities.

Asset libraries: The libraries consist of resources that are pre-built, which includes character models, animations, sound effects, textures. This saves the developers time and efforts, speeding up the asset creation phase. They can also add high-quality assets into their games.

Template projects: The foundational blueprints of the gaming mechanics, user interfaces, and input systems are comprised within the templates. The developers can customize these templates to suit the specific needs.

Cross-platform: With the help of the cross-platform tools, the developers can create games that are transferable and can be played across various platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile devices. This increases the accessibility and the game’s reach, maximizing revenues.

Community and Networking: Multiplayer fun and social features can be added to the games with the help of networking elements. A sense of belonging within the players is created which lets them stick around longer, sharing leaderboards and feel happier with their gaming experience.

QA tools and testing: Launchpad offers automated testing, debugging, and quality assurance tools. It helps in identifying and resolving the issues related to bugs and glitches. This reduces the need for post-launch maintenance.

IGO Launchpad Development

A new trend in the NFT gaming space, IGO (Initial Game Offering) Launchpad is a specific type of Crypto Launchpad that has introduced new concepts in the gaming projects. The IGO Launchpad clone has become a platform to raise funds for blockchain gaming projects.

The investors support their choice of games by buying the tokens from the platform which also offers them tokens for playing. The users also get other features like locking or staking their tokens, such as BNB, BSCPAD, SWAP, or ENJ, in a unique investment model.

They also need to clear the KYC verification and abide by the rules and regulations of each launchpad. The user might need to temporarily lock or stake the purchased NFTs before engaging in market trading. Ultimately, the features depend on the NFT Game Development company that creates it.

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IGOs offer exclusive NFT collections used to access or play the game. These are similar to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) but with NFTs replacing cryptocurrencies. Extra features like weapons, skins, cosmetics, early access passes, and other items offered by IGOs enhance the users gaming experience.

Fundraising Methods

ITO: ITO stands for Initial Token Offering is a game launch strategy that helps the gaming projects to distribute their proprietary tokens among the public. The token rescue can either take place on the project’s own website or platform, or through a third party service provider.

IEO: Initial Exchange Offering lets the gaming project sell its tokens through a crypto exchange platform . Offering services of marketing, security, and liquidity the exchange acts as an intermediary between the project and the investors, providing marketing and security. The IEO tokens share a similar application as seen in an ITO, with the added benefit of being listed on exchange after the sale.

IDO: The tokens under Initial DEX Offering are sold to the public through a decentralized exchange platform, such as Uniswap or SushiSwap. The investors can swap their tokens with other cryptocurrencies through a liquidity pool which is created by the project. IDO tokens serve ITO/IEO applications, benefiting from decentralization and transparency.

Launchpad Development: A New Era Of Gaming

Features Of An Igo Launchpad Development Company

The users can participate in IGOs through the IGO Launchpad Development Company, which basically acts as a platform for game-based activities. Some of the major features of an IGO Launchpad Development Company:

1. Digital wallets: Users across the world can easily pay and receive payments in any currency, using their preferred payment methods.

2. Investment: The user need not wait to trade their tokens. They can do so as soon as these tokens are launched on the IGO platform.

3. Preventing Scam: The emerging threats like proxy usage are easily detected by the IGO platform’s advanced techniques.

4. Liquidity: The IGO platform allows the users to audit the source code of the projects in which they are investing in. This strategy helps maintain transparency and trustworthiness.

5. Automated Staking Models: Users get advantages of earning rewards by staking their funds in the IGO ecosystem and they can participate in the decision-making activities of the projects they support.

6. Multi-chain: The users can trade the tokens across different blockchains like Polygon, Ehtereum, Binance, Cardano, etc, thus enjoying the benefits of cross-chain transfers.

7. KYC: The KYC procedure which is implemented, prevents frauds and money laundering and the users can be assured safe transactions.


Launchpad Development acts as a solution for blockchain development for gaming industry, leading to a whole new dimension. It changed the way of creating and launching blockchain-based games and NFTs.

However launchpad development is a task of professionals and experts who are well versed in the field of design, marketing and technology. So it is very important to choose the right partner for your launchpad development project.

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