Getting Ranked On Google As A Beginner: The Hard Truth No One Ever Told You

Getting Ranked On Google As A Beginner: The Hard Truth No One Ever Told You
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Getting ranked on Google as a beginner when it comes to blogging or anything content creation has been the dream of thousands, if not millions of beginners out there.

Don’t get me wrong, because I am a blogger and I am someone who has been into it for like 8-10 years, so I have tutored some bloggers and I keep getting the questions like, when do I start making money and when does my website start ranking on Google.

The truth is, it will not rank unless you do the following factors, which I will be mentioning below.

I will always like to be blunt, but my intentions is not to scare you from blogging. Getting ranked on Google or any other search engine is supposed to be every beginner’s priority. Because when they do, that’s how they start making money, also, that is if presumably they have monetized their website.

Okay, let me not take much of your time, getting ranked on Google is simple but requires hard work or should I say smart work. Yeah! I know what I’m talking about, you were able to see this article on Google because I did exactly what I’m about to tell you to enable you get ranked on Google.

But before we proceed, oh! I know what you’re thinking, I’m talking too much right? But don’t get me wrong I’m only trying to get it right for you. Before we proceed, you should know that blogging is a full time job and it’s not a quick rich scheme. So, you have to sit back, relax and do the necessary work, then you will start reaping what you sow!

Now, let’s dive into it!

Getting Ranked On Google As A Beginner

Getting Ranked On Google As A Beginner: The Hard Truth No One Ever Told You

You might have heard it several times since you started reading this article, but when you apply what I’m about to tell you, you will definitely see results and thank me later.

1. Do the Right Thing

Yeah right, I know you might be wondering, what does CareerIndex mean, by doing the right thing? Okay! Here is the thing you should know, blogging is a business and it also requires a process to get it right.

2. Follow The Process

This is a very crucial one, before creating a blog, make sure you have researched on the topic (niche) you want to start with it, I mean thorough research, that way you know exactly what you’re getting into.

3. Set up Your Blog with a good Hosting Provider

This might be off the topic but it is still part of the article, a good Hosting Provider will give you premium services that you won’t experience downtime while using their platform, so I recommend Namecheap.

4. Again, Follow the process

Let’s assume you have set up your blog or you are about to. And you found this article because you want to get ranked on Google, it’s simple and tricky at the same time, why? Because it requires smart work, I will explain…

Getting ranked on Google! First, you have to know the article you are putting up on your blog, which simply means you need to do a proper research. Like, search volume of the keyword in the article you are about to publish, the keyword difficulty (KD), which simply signifies whether you can be able to rank it above the others, this way, if your research turned out that the keyword with the minimum monthly search is 100-1000k – then go for it, the KD might be low and there you have it.

It’s important to note that there are huge difference between publishing a random article and publishing an article that you personally wrote, make sure you write it yourself and do proper research, using platforms like, Ahref keyword research tool, Semrush, and Google Keyword planner. With these tools, I assure you that when you make a research for an article you want to publish, if it gives you a good search result, then you are going to rank the article on Google.

5. Have You Tried Stand Alone Article, SAA?

This might sound weird but it does work, I will be honest, your blog is like a newbie to compare to other millions of blogs out there that has been there for years, so writing an article which they have already created will get your blog penalized in search results.

So, do this, let’s assume you have done your research and your blog is now live, all you need to do it is write an article that no one has ever written, can that be possible? Yes, it’s. And I will explain, you might have seen or read an article on cat, but there angles you can create something extraordinary that no one has written about cats. I use cat as an example to make it look simple to you. I know there are millions of article and cat videos, but if you can think out of the box, you can create something different from what people have already written about cats.

When you create a stand alone article, you will be surprised that your article will be on the Search engine front page, especially if you write the article so well and garnished it with facts, insert links from other reputable sources that will make it look so sharp. Also, do not forget to use rich media like images or videos.

6. Do A Proper SEO

Proper Search Engine Optimization, SEO, should be in the beginning, although it was intentional to leave it at number six, don’t get me wrong! How many times have I said that in this article? Okay, it doesn’t matter right? But I hope you know what SEO stands for right? Yeah! Search Engine Optimization, it should be the first thing to know when venturing into the blogging business. Do not forget our topic, getting ranked on Google as a beginner.

Doing a proper SEO project on your website/blog is ideal, if you can’t do it, you can pay a webmaster to do it for you. You can hire either from Fiverr or Upwork, they’re out there waiting for orders, they will do a proper SEO on your site that will help boost your chances of ranking on Google as a beginner.

But for the mean time, you can use plugins like, RankMath, SEO by Yoast, All In one SEO, etc. Although, I personally prefer RankMath, they have helped me in my different blogs. So, I prefer them. When you install their plugin, customize it to your taste and definitely, they will boost your chances of getting ranked on Google.

7. Link your website on Google Search Console and Google Analytics

This is part of what I have been trying to teach here, but I think these are primary resources, why do I say that? It is simply because they serve the same purpose like other platforms I mentioned above, they have exceptions. Like: Google Analytics will give you real time results of what is happening in your site, visits and page views.

While other platforms will document it, Google analytics will work the magic of giving you real time results, also, try Google search console, because immediately you link your website, it will give Google the signal to start crawling and ranking your website contents.

I mean it, I have the experience and I will definitely be blunt with words. Do not miss the opportunity to do that. And I wish you luck.

8. Last but not the least on Getting Ranked On Google

Make sure you follow the process, no short cuts, although, if there are any, we will be honest, we are not familiar with it so we will only write about what we know. Do a proper research before setting up your blog, do a proper keyword research and write a stand alone article.

When all these are done, keep publishing genuine and rich article, you will notice that Google and other search engines will be forced to pick up your article when people search with keywords you have covered simply because you are original and not trying to follow trends. Don’t get me wrong, most times, following trends works, but it always has a short life span.

9. Do What Is Best and See Results

I almost thought I’m talking to myself because that has always been the favorite part of my life. You see, in this blogging business, get your heads up, do not believe that you can come in today and start making millions of dollars on Internet but if you know how to, kindly let me know.


Follow the process of what I have written, apply them to work, and experience the wonders. But it’s not going to happen overnight, it’s a process you should follow gradually and pay attention to details. Always visit your Google Search Console page and check how your website is fairing.

Blogging is a business and you are the webmaster you need to check out your Google Search Console everyday to see if your platform is growing or not. Pardon me, I have seen a lot of people who quit blogging in the first year, because to them it’s difficult. But is it truly difficult? Yes, if you’re here to pack all the money in your first year. But if you believe in the process, it’s not going to be difficult for you.

Getting Ranked on Google is a good feeling when you write a well researched article and see people consuming your work and Ideas. Trust me, you will feel proud and it will definitely push you to work more, before you know it, you will start making all the money in blogging, which means, there is money in blogging but you will first need to work.

If you like this article, kindly share, comment and tell me what you think about it and don’t forget to be blunt with words, here, we can take criticism and can also take compliments.

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