How to Use Fractional NFTs to Expand Your Business

Using Fractional NFTs to Expand Your Business
Using Fractional NFTs to Expand Your Business

Fractional NFTs – Gone are the days when NFTs were used for profit and for profit only. With more of its indispensable features discovered everyday, people are starting to appreciate this billion-dollar industry even more.

And while doubt remains among the non-believers and critics of this industry, the fact that the NFT culture evolved into something that resembles more of a sustainable community rather than a cult of elitists that passed their money around their inner circle is a great start in this otherwise “dying” industry.

Among these features is the fact that NFTs can be used to market products, even tangible and consumables over the internet in various ways unprecedented by the old Internet’s paradigms.

Extra perks people could enjoy, attendance bonuses, and a badge they could wear to flaunt status and ownership are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of benefits that they are able to experience through NFTs.

As the industry takes another shift, thanks to the ever-advancing technology behind blockchain and crypto, the NFT world is yet again at the cusp of another groundbreaking innovation that may well change the NFT game for the time being, and the great thing about it is that just like its predecessor, it could also be used to market products and services, in and out of the cryptocurrency space!

Let’s talk about Fractional NFTs and how you can use them to expand your business!

Using Fractional NFTs to Expand Your Business
Using Fractional NFTs to Expand Your Business

Fractional NFTs, What Are They?

Fractional NFTs are straightforward, divisible versions of regular NFTs that can be made in bulk and endowed with the same properties as their whole counterparts. While you may think that’s all there is to this $200 million innovation, there’s a plethora of benefits that builders and investors enjoy right from the get-go! Among these benefits are as follows:

  • A Lower Price Entry For Investors
    Investors enjoy getting on blue-chip projects at the fraction of a price! Thanks to Fractionalized NFTs, the burden of paying a whole NFT is lessened and more people are able to jump and invest on potent and profitable NFT projects without breaking their bank! The added benefit of dividing the NFT’s price while retaining its perks also helps with balancing the valuation of the NFTs, and provides more royalty benefits to creators and project managers!
  • Interoperability Thanks To ERC-721
    Owing its tokenized and Non-Fungibility to the potent ERC-721 protocol, F-NFTs are capable of being integrated to token paradigms and NFT systems with ease and no issues! Furthermore, ERC-721 is a multi-chain protocol, capable of imparting its abilities to divide NFTs into equal parts and perceived value beyond the standard Ethereum Blockchain!
  • Smart Contract Utilization
    Smart Contracts are self-executing protocols that serve as the soul of Fractional NFTs. Thanks to these programs the inner workings of F-NFT projects are streamlined and automated, eliminating the need for constant monitoring of processes and transactions by a long shot, which is cost-effective, especially for projects that are either low on manpower, or tight on the budget!
  • Large Market Opportunity
    Boasting a $200 million total market valuation by the middle of 2022, Fractional NFTs are a growing business venture that people are excited to be a part of, this means that project visionaries who wish to jump on the F-NFT Hype Train could expect warm acclaim and a massive opportunity for profit and community-building, provided that they play their cards right!
  • Gamification of NFTs
    One of its biggest selling points is how it gamifies the NFT system. Since dividing NFTs into equal parts means that they can now be made in bulk and still retain and provide the same benefits and perks that owners could acquire, they can be used for NFT games as in-game items that are tradable and marketable without compromise! This jumpstarts entire gaming ecosystems within the NFT space, and enables users to cop high-value loot that they can sell handsomely!

These benefits are ideal IF you’re a project creator or an ambitious individual in the industry who wishes to set up shop in the Fractional NFT world, but you may have trouble putting two and two together if you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur. If that was the case, let me paint a clear picture of how Fractional NFTs could be your best marketing tool to expand your enterprise to the skies!

Expand Your Business with Fractional NFTs

If you’re looking to use Fractional NFTs as a tool to expand your business even further, you’ve come to the right place. To make things short, hwe’ll give you all the Fractional NFT avenues you can utilize to help your business grow, and the fastest way to implement such tools!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Providing Fractional NFT Badges to customers for benefits

First of the best ways you can implement Fractional NFTs into your business model is through giving these bad boys to avid customers and supporters as a form of a loyalty program where they are able to enjoy extra benefits that other customers couldn’t get anywhere else.

Free products, Discounts on certain items and services, and a curated monthly pack subscription with extra trinkets are just a few things that they can avail of upon receiving this loyalty perk.

The best way you can integrate Fractional NFTs in this manner is by minting your own NFTs and never putting them up for sale through public marketplaces like, which is by the way the best Fractional NFT Marketplace out there as we speak, integrating acquisition features through mobile applications that would require them to verify their identity, so that only they can enjoy these products and services!

If this is too much work for you, the next one’s going to be a cakewalk!

Partnering with Fractional NFT Projects in exchange for community perks

Another great method of implementing Fractional NFTs to your business to help it expand is through partnerships with other Fractional NFT projects/creators! This establishes a strong connection not only within your own community, but with the partner project’s ecosystem!

Throw in proper benefits to investors who would buy said NFTs like discounts on certain items and freebies that they can enjoy through the partnership and you’re set to go!

This one’s very convenient, especially for businesses that aren’t necessarily NFT-savvy, but wishes to dip into this billion-dollar industry regardless. It gives them the proper audience to market their product, and an opportunity to learn and grow in the industry without risking stupendous amounts of money and capital from the get-go!

It should be noted however that you couldn’t half-bake benefits and features that you provide your partner projects with, lest you risk pulling them down along with you when the community doesn’t appreciate the lackluster benefits and features!

Selling Product-Inspired Fractional-NFTs to expand brand name and capital

If you really wanted to go all-in to the Fractional NFT hype train, then this is the best method for you to choose! To sell product-inspired Fractional NFTs not only guarantees a bigger audience for you to expand your product into, but also a jumpstart in your capital as you sell these NFTs in the market!

The best marketplaces to perform this maneuver is through Fractional NFT marketplaces like that are specifically dedicated towards magnifying F-NFT enterprises like the ones that you wish to conceive, providing them with all the tools and leverages that they need to secure a success in the industry!

It must be noted however that this tactic, in particular, works best only if you’re already an established brand in the outside market, as it drives more people to trust you and your product in both industries without FUD taking over in the process.

Regardless, every business could use this model to try their luck in the Fractional NFTs world, and with projects like at their disposal, the only thing they’d need to worry about is making sure they stay relevant after the success.

Wrap Up

As you can see, the world of NFTs, Fractional NFTs in particular, is one that’s built under the preface of innovation and improvement of old norms and paradigms. This is not surprising considering the fact that both these technologies found their home in the blockchain, which is yet another massive technological advancement that paved the way for decentralized concepts like NFTs to be born!

With these Fractional NFT methodologies at your disposal, and a clear picture of how you can implement these tactics, every business owner is empowered to take that leap of faith into the world of Fractional NFTs and build their brand in this hundred-million dollar industry, with the peace of mind that whether they are veterans in the NFT industry or are starting newbies, Fractional NFT support systems like is ready to impart their best features and benefits to ensure that you’d establish a strong brand presence in the crypto industry!

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